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Our aim is to resolve disputes in a cost effective, constructive and timely manner. The sooner you are out of the system, the better for you, your kids and your finances. In most cases doing so will reduce the impact of the separation upon you and your children and in many cases also lead to you having a workable relationship with your former partner.

We will listen to your concerns and goals and do our best to meet them by providing you with a personal service and ensuring our approach is tailored to your individual case.

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Family and fertility law Specialists

Page Provan is a full service family law firm dealing in all aspects arising from separation and divorce. As we practice only in family and fertility law, we are experts in the area.

Separation and divorce are likely to be one of the most stressful experiences of your life. It is important to get expert legal advice from an experienced specialist family lawyer at an early stage, either before or after separation. An initial consultation can be arranged quickly if needed.

Page Provan experts in family law

At Page Provan both of our partners are experienced family lawyers who have been Queensland Law Society accredited family law specialists for many years (Stephen in 1996 and Bruce in 1999). Since becoming accredited family law specialists Stephen and Bruce have maintained and updated their skills through practising exclusively in the area and honing their skills through undertaking further education and constantly looking at ways to improve their service to clients.

As experienced specialist family lawyers we are able to guide you through this difficult stage of your life and help you limit the cost, delay and stress of separation. Getting legal advice from experienced family lawyers at an early stage can give you peace of mind in knowing your options, rights and entitlements. It can also put you into a stronger negotiating position because you are fully informed.

Family Law That’s Child Focussed

We are very much child focussed. We are aware that every step taken in resolving or prolonging the dispute will have an impact of some kind on your child. We work with experts in social science, such as counsellors, to help reduce the impact on you and your kids of the separation and any court case.

Breakups are hard. We aim not to make them harder.

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Resolving disputes

Most disputes between separating couples are best resolved through negotiation rather than through court. There are a number of options available and we can explain those to you. Those options include negotiation, mediation, collaboration, arbitration and family dispute resolution. For more information on this see our brochures Dispute Resolution & Collaborative Law.

However, if the dispute can’t be resolved through one of these means and ends up in court, we will advocate strongly for you. This often involves engaging other experts such as barristers, social workers, counsellors, valuers and accountants.

For those matters which can be resolved by agreement, we can explain the options available to you to document the agreement including court orders, binding financial agreements, child support agreements and parenting plans.

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