Amazing things happened today…

Amazing things happened today…

First thing this morning, in the mail came a small parcel- which contained a bunch of Queensland Police promotional pens and keyrings promoting their LGBTI liaison officers.

This is the Queensland Police system to hopefully make police less confronting to and more accepting of LGBTI people when they have to deal with the boys and girls in blue.

Yesterday I was interviewed by about a gay Queenslander whose sister had her egg fertilised by a donor and who is now his surrogate.

I heard nothing more about the story, until I was called by the producer of Howard Sattler’s progam on Perth’s 6PR this afternoon, who had picked it up off the web.

Then it was the interview with Howard Sattler-which seemed to go well. And the weirdest part? Sitting on hold, listening to Howard’s progam waiting to get on- and lsitening to Perth’s traffic report. So I was sitting in Brisbane, on the other side of the continent, at peak hour listening to a traffic report about Perth.

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