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In addition to any financial matters between spouses/partners an issue that often arises after separation is child support. We can assist clients to navigate the complex area of child support. We understand and appreciate the need to ensure that the children of the relationship continue to be provided for adequately and that they have every opportunity to succeed in life. This aligns with our child-focused approach to family law.

How Brisbane Child Support Solicitors Can Help You

We can assist you in understanding how child support is calculated pursuant to the relevant legislation. In Australia, just because the parents have separated, they still have an obligation to support their children. Often this can be overlooked during separation as each of the parties become entrenched in other legal issues. In representing you, we will provide you with clear advice on child support obligations and what options are available to you to ensure you receive the appropriate amount of child support.

It can be a daunting exercise, being faced with a mountain of legal issues, to find the starting point with child support and how to make an application to the right government department. Having practiced many years in family law, we can guide you through that process at every step of the way.

Finalising Child Support Arrangements

If the parties reach an agreement on how child support obligations are to be dealt with in the future, we provide specialist assistance in documenting such agreements. We can prepare child support agreements and advise you on those agreements including about their enforceability and effectiveness. We understand the need for parents to have clarity on their child support obligations into the future. This has the added benefit of ensuring that the children are provided adequate support to flourish; a child focussed approach to these issues.

In the event that negotiations are required with the other parent about child support, we can advise you on what questions need to be asked and what information needs to be obtained to determine an appropriate amount of child support.

It is entirely possible for the parents to agree upon an amount of child support that is more or less than appears in any child support assessment; we can assist in such negotiations.

Get Legal Advice Early

Knowing where you stand with child support can inform your views about property settlement and future parenting arrangements. It is important to obtain advice on these issues if you have separated or if you are contemplating separation. Request an appointment with Brisbane family lawyers today.

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