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Our “Why.” Life Enabled, Life Simplified!

Being a parent is the most important job any of us might do. Becoming a parent is for many of us the most important life journey any of us will take.

Some people can’t have kids naturally and need all the help they can get – including through lawyers – to help them achieve the dream of parenthood.

Page Provan are privileged and honoured to help parents do the best they can by their children- whether it’s in their quest to become parents, or in separation issues such as dealing with their former partner as to where their children live and when children spend time with each of their parents.

We focus on helping our clients to get in and out of the process of relationship breakdown and divorce, as quickly and fairly as possible. Relationship breakdowns have all kinds of impacts- on finances and safety, but above all, the ability to care for and raise children.

Kids get impacted the most when their parents argue. The longer parents are in a fight with each other – whether about money or about their children – the worse the outcome is for their children. We recognise this and seek solutions to help you end that conflict sooner, for the benefit of your children.

Meet The Team

stephen page fertility lawyer
Stephen Page
Accredited Family Law Specialist
Bruce Provan - Accredited Family Law Specialist
Bruce Provan
Managing Director
Accredited Family Law Specialist
Family Law Section Law Council of Australia Award
Member of Queensland law society
Family law Practitioners Association
International Academy of Family Lawyers - IAFL
Mediator Standards Board