Boys found in Sweden

Boys found in Sweden

Fairfax is reporting that missing children Frank Oliver Valette, 11, and Andre Nicholas Valette, 9, have been located in Sweden.

A month ago, I posted about how the Family Court made an exception to the usual secrecy rule to allow missing children to be found.

Amongst those children were the Valette boys. The Family Court said that Frank Oliver Valette and his brother Andre Nicholas Valette were last seen with their mother Ann-Louise Valette at the end of September 2008 in Vasteras, about 100 kms from Stockholm. The Family Court was asking the public to help locate them.The mother was allowed to take the children to Sweden because she promised to return them to Australia by 11 October. The father has not seen the children since September 2008 or heard from them since just before they were due to return.

The newspaper report says that the boys had been reunited with their father, but:

It is not known when the boys and Mr Pesor will be able to return home to

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