Court order prevents arranged marriage

Court order prevents arranged marriage

A 17 year old quick witted girl recently obtained the help from the Australian Federal Police to prevent her being sent  to Lebanon by her mother, father and step-father for an arranged marriage.

The girl telephoned police while her mother was out and told police that she might have to hang up at any time. The girl was aware of the watchlist but wanted as little involvement from authorities as possible. The watchlist, run by the Australian Federal Police, prevents people leaving Australia. In family law matters, the Australian Federal Police require, at the least, proceedings in place concerning children, but preferably  orders placing a child on the watchlist, and restraining the removal of the child from Australia.

Police determined that the girl was genuine.

Police obtained an injunction from the Federal Magistrates Court placing the girl on the watchlist and preventing her removal from Australia. The court also ordered the surrender of any passport of the girl, and requesting the intervention of DOCS.

The irony is that if the girl had been 18, it is questionable whether any court would have taken action to prevent her from leaving Australia, as she would be deemed to be of age and therefore able to act of her own free will.

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