How surrogacy can change Mother’s Day

How surrogacy can change Mother’s Day

Amidst all the joy today of Mother’s Day, spare a thought for those women for whom Mother’s Day inevitably brings pain: the women who tried but have been unable to become mums. Or those doing battle in the Family Court, or who have lost children.

For those women today is an especially painful day, in which the joy of others will remind them of their loss and pain. I have seen that pain, over many years. It can be crushing of the soul.

Luckily at least surrogacy can change the outcome for women who have always dreamt of being a mum but were not able to get there. In fact surrogacy is such a game changer that having children is now as certain as 1, 2, 3; provided the intended parents are prepared for a potentially rocky journey, are patient, are prepared to use donors, and have the funds.

Finding an egg donor or a surrogate is not that hard these days. Usually a goddess called a surrogate or a donor can be found within a couple of months. And the funding is nowhere near as bad as might be thought. It could be as low as $25,000, or as much as $60,000, depending on the amount of IVF, legal expenses and the expenses of the surrogate.

So for those women at least, Mother’s Day now represents hope: they now have the chance to become mums, changing their lives forever.

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