NZ TV presenter admits Domestic Violence issues

NZ TV presenter admits Domestic Violence issues

At a time when there have been numerous shocking domestic violence issues in the news in Australia:
– father from New South Wales beats his wife, but is seen as a “good dad” and when she escapes he murders the children and kills himself
grandfather in New South Wales is charged over the deaths of his wife and their grandchildren, and the assault of his daughter, a police officer
husband in Queensland is charged with the murder of his Hervey Bay wife, whose burnt body, police allege, was found in northern New South Wales

comes news from New Zealand, where it appears that one of the country’s top TV presenters is accused of assaulting (which he is reported as admitting) and breaking the back of his former partner Kirstin Dunne-Powell in four places, leaving her in a wheelchair. There is nothing on the public record about the extent of the assualt, as it was covered by a confidentiality agreement. Police are apparently now investigating. If true, this shows, yet again that domestic violence occurs in all societies and in levels of society- it is not a case that domestic violence just occurs in poor neighbourhoods and not in rich ones.

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