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At Page Provan, we have a reputation for being the leaders in our respective disciplines of family and fertility law. Accordingly, we regularly record podcasts with leading experts on all matters relating to family and fertility law.

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What Prompted this Lawyer to Dedicate His Career to Family & Fertility Law

In this episode of the Page Provan, Family and Fertility Law Podcast, we turn the spotlight on Accredited Family Law Specialist and Multi-Award Winning Lawyer, Stephen Page.

Roman Deauna’s Amazing Journey into Surrogacy

In the latest edition of the Australian Family & Fertility Law Podcast, Stephen Page talks with Roman Deauna, Migration Agent about his amazing journey into surrogacy.

How & Why Mediation Works with Farley Tolpen

In this episode of the Australian Family & Fertility Law Podcast, Accredited Family Law Specialist, Bruce Provan talks with Mediator, Farley Tolpen on why and how mediation works in resolving family law disputes.

The Interplay Between Surrogacy & Counselling with Miranda Montrone

In this episode of the Family & Fertility Law Podcast, Stephen Page talks with Surrogacy Psychologist Miranda Montrone about her passion for surrogacy.

The Inspiring Story of Cindy Wasser

Cindy Wasser from Hope Springs Fertility is a leading Canadian surrogacy lawyer. A mum through surrogacy, Cindy has helped many Australian intended parents over many years with their Canadian surrogacy journeys.

The Importance of Financial Advice in Family Law Matters

In this edition of the Australian Family & Fertility Law Podcast, Page Provan, Managing Director and Accredited Family Law Specialist, Bruce Provan talks with Adam Lomsargis, Wealth Coach at Sentinel Wealth Partners about the importance of financial advice post-separation.

How a Young Guy from India Became A World Leading Surrogacy Physician

Dr. Said Daneshmand is an internationally recognized fertility specialist with extensive experience in providing third-party reproductive services. In his second year of studying medicine, he had a profound experience that changed his life forever.

What Makes a Finance Guy Leave Everything to Work in Surrogacy

In this podcast, Richard Westoby discusses his own personal surrogacy journey and a complete career change that he never could have anticipated.

What Drives Fertility Attorney Rich Vaughn

Fertility law attorney Rich Vaughn combined his passion for family formation and founded one of the most successful and best-known law firms in the world focusing on assisted reproductive technology law.

The Page Provan Difference

Page Provan are privileged and honoured to help parents do the best they can by their children – whether it’s in their quest to become parents, or in separation issues such as dealing with their former partner as to where their children live and when children spend time with each of their parents.