Surrogacy event in Brisbane

Surrogacy event in Brisbane

On Thursday next week I will be taking part in a free surrogacy forum in Brisbane. The other speakers at the forum will be:

  • Steve Snyder. Steve is the owner of his own law firm and the head of IARC a surrogacy agency in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. Steve also chairs the Assisted Reproductive Technology Committee of the American Bar Association. Steve has spoken at many international conferences about surrogacy. Steve will talk about surrogacy from a US perspective.Steve is a speaker at the Surrogacy Australia conference being held in Melbourne this weekend, including being part of my moderated panel of lawyers at the conference.
  • Karen Boughey. When Karen is not the membership officer of Surrogacy Australia, and a wife and mother, she was also a suurogate, and can talk about her own journey through surrogacy and how she gave the gift of life to others. Karen also spoke passionately about and lobbied against the planned changes in Queensland to bring in discrimination in Queensland’s surrogacy laws.
  • Adnan Catakovic. Adnan is the scientific director of City Fertililty Centre, a large independent IVF clinic that offers surrogacy services in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne and Adelaide.
  • Melissa Bridges. In what spare time she has, Melissa is an avid egg donor who heads up Egg Donation Australia

I will be speaking about the legal and practical framework for surrogacy in Queensland.

It is an offence for anyone ordinarily resident in Queensland to enter into or offer to enter into a commercial surrogacy arrnagement, punishable by up to three years imprisonment. 

The event is at 6pm on Thursday 11 April, 2013. For more about the event, click here:

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