Why can’t we get married?

Why can’t we get married?

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting Kristiana del Pace and her partner Kristina, who are the founders of why can’t we get married.com – which has the very simple idea that people should be free to marry, and that barriers such as race, religion and sexuality should not exist to prevent people from marrying.

In the words of their Myspace group :

WhyCantWeGetMarried.com is a space designed to breakdown stereotypes that exist
about different races, religions and sexualities, and is dedicated to creating a
more understanding and accepting global village.

Kristiana and Kristina are aiming to create a worldwide group designed to focus on equality and the very basic assumption that the right to marry is a fundamental human right and that people should be entitled to marry the person the love.

They can take inspiration from people like Richard and Mildred Loving, who through an accident of birth were white and black respectively, and as a result were persecuted by the US state of Virginia for having committed the crime of marrying across racial lines. They ultimately won in the US Supreme Court to show that they had a right to marry.

More recently, until her death in May, Mildred Loving felt that same sex marriage should be allowed, so as to stop outdated restrictions on allowing people to marry.

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