Churchie: School Council backs the headmaster

Churchie: School Council backs the headmaster

The Courier-Mail has reported that the school council of Churchie has backed the decision of the Headmaster to prevent boys from taking other boys to the formal.

All the while the Headmaster said in his newsletter to staff, students and parents:

Dear Parents and Young Men
During the holidays, the School was contacted by the media who had received information from one or more Churchie
students seeking to invite their gay partners to the Senior Formal, which is against the current practice at the School.
This resulted in a wave of media attention including several articles in the press, television interviews, talk-back radio shows
and numerous internet blogs and online surveys. Due to this media attention, the School has become both a vehicle and a
catalyst for one of the most contentious social debates of today.
The School’s position is and has historically been that the School Formal is an educative forum whereby males enjoy social
interaction with females.
Regrettably this has been misconstrued as anti-gay by certain members of the community, when in fact Churchie has always
respected all its students, and we will continue to do so.
Our School has a long tradition of bringing out the best in boys as they grow and develop into young men who are the leaders
of our community. Our traditions have no place for harassment, bullying or vilification of any kind. Apart from the obvious
media attention, nothing has changed here at Churchie. Same School, same caring staff and same students who wear the
blue and grey with purpose, knowing that it represents the spirit of Churchie and every student who has gone on to lead a
productive life in our society.
The above messages have been conveyed to our young men at this week’s first Assembly. I would like to also thank parents
who have expressed their overwhelming support for the School during this time.

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